Control Units - Adjust Units

Motor Potentiometer EMP500


Universal set for all types of control units without outside resistor wirings
Output Voltage Ranges 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V
Output Current Ranges 0-2mA, 0-10mA, 0-20mA, +/-2mA, +/-10mA, +/-20mA
Potentialfree Inputs for Reset, Down and Up
4096 single steps (12 bit) within the used drive range
Easy settings of ranges for the customer
Potential separated auxiliary voltage 12 33V, as option 58 / 100 / 231 / 400VAC

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EMP500 12 - 24V auxiliary supply

Motor potentiometer EMP500 is used for the transducing of down- and up control pulses to a time-analog output signal in the ranges of +/- 10V or +/-20mA. The output signal will be stored for unlimited time during stop of impulses. Within the above standing limits any values for the lower or upper limit could be set without reducing of the accuracy in resolution (4096 steps / range). After restart or reset the output will be set to any value in the choosen range with the Reset-Adjuster on the front. The unit gives the possibility of adjusting every wanted run time from 5 to 250 seconds on the front. With 4 shift switches the different working ranges and the time could be preset.The electronic potentiometer have got a potential separation between inputs, power supply and output connections. So sensitive inputs of control-units are not affected by earth wiring or others. In the other way the output of EMP500 is short circuit proof and the unit has a large power supply range.

Peak Load Controller LR5500


Compact control for generator power control
0-20mA input for the actual power value
Setpoint adjuster for maximum, minimum and reverse power
Relay contacts for exceeding of the setpoint values
Power control contacts for "Up" and "Down"
Switching inputs for selecting peak load operation
External setpoint potentiometer can be connected

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LR5500 0-20mA, 231V aux. voltage

The unit is used for the peak load control of generators in mains-parallel systems. The input value for the unit shown here is the actual power value ( 20mA / 10V ) and the feedback from the generator switch and the mains switch. The selection information for parallel operation and back-synchronization also come from the user interface. The setpoint value can be set at the unit or via an external potentiometer. The unit has output contacts for minimum power, setpoint value and reverse power. Output contacts with adjustable pulse / pause times are available for running the generator up and down. Also, all states and functions are displayed optically via LED`s.

Three Point Controller LR5510, LRG100


Setpoint controller for generator power control
0-20mA input for the actual power value
Setpoint adjustable internally or via external potentiometer
Output with control contacts "Up" and "Down"
Setting of a dead zone for control stabilization

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LR5510 Setpoint 0-20mA 231V aux.
LRG100 Ext. setpoint 0-20mA, 231V aux.

This three-point controller is used for power control in generators. In the LR5510, the output pulses "Up" and "Down" control generator power with a fixed setpoint, whereas the LRG100 uses an 0-20mA guide signal from a second generator as an setpoint in order to set the controlled generator to the same power.

Electronic Speed Control Unit for Servomotors MDR524


PI-Control Unit for Servomotors
Servomotors up to 3A maximum cosumption with direct connecting
Must-actual value comparision with adjustable gain
Different application ranges
Low power consumption through switched output
Standard supply 18 30VDC

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MDR524 18 - 30VDC

The electronic speed control unit MDR524 will be used for the speed- and voltage adjust of diesel generators in combination with the aggregate control unit GENCON. The unit could also be used for other control functions with DC Servomotors where must-values and actual-values are exists. The speed control with servomotors are especially used for aggregates without pick up to equipped them with automatic frequence and voltage regulating functions for paralleling with the mains. This will most be needed for smaller aggregates up to 50kW. This speed control in combination with GENCON could be a low cost alternative to the control units with pick-up, moving-magnet and electronic governor.