Selco Engine Starting- and Management

Selco Power Reference Unit B9300

Adjustable from 0 - 100%
DC output 1 - 5 VDC
Knob for manual control
Screw lock for knob

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B9300 Datenblatt

The SELCO B9300 is intended for use together with the T4800 Load Sharer or the T4300 Load Sharer, when a generator is operating in parallel with the grid.

The T4800 will adjust the power to be delivered by the generator according to the setting of the B9300, which is adjustable from 0 to 100 percent. A finger screw is provided to lock the dial.

The B9300 is flush mounted with measurements of 96 x 96 x 75 mm (H x W x D).



Selco Motorized Potentiometer E7800

Sealed wire wound potentiometer
Built-in dust seal
Low speed motor for accurate control
High drive capability
Resistance from 100 to 10 kΩ
Large size knob for manual control
LED indication of turn direction
Optional programmable RPM
AC or DC supply

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E7800 Datenblatt


The SELCO E7800 Motorised Potentiometer is typically used as an interface between increase/decrease relay contacts (or push buttons) and a device requiring control by an external potentiometer (e.g. the speed trim of an electronic governor).

All three wires of the potentiometer are directly accessible on external connection terminals, thus providing the best possible flexibility for almost any application.

A special version of the E7800 with DC voltage output is also available. The DC output voltage follows the position of the potentiometer. The design of the E7800 ensures that the potentiometer will "remember" its position although supply is lost.

Selco Tacho Detector M0500

Reads engine speed from AC voltage
Tacho system for M2000 and M2100
Square wave speed output
Nominal voltage output

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M0500 Datenblatt

The SELCO M0500 is an accessory unit for the SELCO M2000 Engine Controller and the M2100 Emergency Controller.

The M0500 reads the engine speed from the frequency of the generator output voltage. The speed reading is converted to a square wave signal and this signal is provided on a dedicated output.

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M0500 Manual


Selco Shutdown Unit M0600

Stand alone engine protection
Provides complete redundancy in combination with M2000
Can be mounted on the rear side of the M2000
Complies with even the strictest Marine Classification requirements

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M0600 Datenblatt

The M0600 provides protection for any type of diesel or gas engine.

The unit has inputs for over speed, low oil pressure and a user defined input which can be used to monitor e.g. high water temperature. The M0600 has an input to indicate that the engine is running and another input to indicate that the engine is in the process of being halted.

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M0600 Manual


Selco Engine Controller M2000

Engine start/stop
Engine protection
Direct input for magnetic pick-up
RS232 interface for PC based configuration
RS485 interface for communication
50 hour burn-in before test
Certified for marine use

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M2000 Datenblatt

The SELCO M2000 Engine Controller will control and protect any industrial combustion engine, which accepts discreet I/O signals for control of the crank, the fuel valve and the stop solonoid (if applicable). The engine must be able to supply potential free contacts for starter disengagement and over speed alarm (normally done through a standard tacho relay). The M2000 is typically used as an engine controller for diesel or gas driven generator sets.

Download Manuals (.PDF)
Alarm MODBUS Protocol
M2000C RS232 Configuration
MODBUS Biasing


Selco Emergency Controller M2100

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)
Engine protection
Highly reliable
50 hour burn-in before test
Certified for marine use

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M2100 Datenblatt

The SELCO M2100 Emergency Controller will control and protect any stand-alone generator driven by a combustion engine. The M2100 performs the role of an AMF system (Automatic Mains Failure), as it continuously monitors the main supply for possible disruptions.

An external voltage relay (e.g. the T3100 Voltage Relay or the T3300 Voltage Relay (three phase)) will activate the M2100 in case the main supply is lost. A programmable start delay prevents unnecessary start ups due to short term power glitches. The M2100 can be programmed to perform multiple start attempts with intermediate rest times.