Power Transducer Units - Buffer Amplifier

Active Power Transducer 3 / 4 conductor asymmetrical WMU350

3-phase measuring of active power
Low storekeeping with customer setting of parameter
Accuracy class 1,0
Linear tranlating of measuring data
4-quadrant power calculation
Outputs +/-20mA (4-20mA) and +/-10V (2-10V) simultanous
Potential separated auxilary supply
Hut rail mounting, fitting width 70mm

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WMU350 4-conductor asym. 3 x 231V / 5A

The active power transducer WMU350 is used for 3 or 4-conductor measuring or monitoring of power in power supply units, emergency power supplies and interconnected networks. The output of the power is +/-20mA (+/-10V) or 4-20mA (2-10V). The internal measuring is done by three 4-quadrant multiplicators, with that the reverse power (negative output) will be exactly monitoring and in case of sigal harmonics always the real power will be output. To lower the storekeeping the customer can change the maximum power value ( i.e. 3000W ) by himself below a flap of the housing.

Active Power Transducer (symmetrical) PMU110, PMU150, PMU114, PMU154

One phase recording of the active power with +/-20mA output
Accuracy class 1,0
Reverse power output with negative output values
Calibration acc. to customer specification
Supply via the auxiliary voltage

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PMU110 4-conductor.sym 231/400V IN 1A (GER)
PMU150 4-c.sym 231/400V IN 5A (GER)
PMU114 4-c.sym 231/400V IN 1A (GER)
PMU154 4-c.sym 231/400V IN 5A (GER)
This unit is used for the recording and one-phase measuring of active power of consumers connected in mains and generator systems. The power values measured are output at the +/- 20mA (PMU150) / 4-20mA (PMU154) output. Measurement and evaluation are carried out via a 4-quadrant multiplier, so the correct active power is indicated in each case, even if there is distortion of the currents and voltages fed in.


Rapid Frequency Measuring Transducer FMU100 40 - 70 Hz

Three-way separation (input-output-auxiliary voltage)
Digital transducing with microcontroller
Input 100 - 264VAC, auxiliary voltage 11 - 33VDC
Output 0 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V
Accuracy class 0,2
Updating of the output value every 20 ms

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FMU100 / 100-264VAC 40-70Hz
This unit is used for the rapid recording of the frequency in AC networks and for analog output as a 0-20mA or 0-10V signal. The 3-way separation allows the unit to be operated at different potentials / reduces possible disturbances between measuring and output circuit. The supply is with 11 - 33VDC. Due to the low self-heating, the transducer can be used up to an environmental temperature of 55°C.


AC Current Transducer (True RMS)AMU150

Three-way separation (input-output-auxiliary voltage)
Input AC Current 1A or 5A
Output 0/4-20mA, 0/2-10V simultaneous
Accuracy 1.0%, Auxiliary voltage 11 - 33VDC

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AMU150 Input 5A AC