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New smart 100 Ampere battery charger / power supply GL10024P 13.05.2017
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• Compact design for DIN rail mounting (weight only 2.8 kg)
• Protection against under-/ overvoltage according to VDE 0160 (autorestart)
• PFC fault monitoring
• Phase monitoring with automatic reduction of output power
• Adjustable current limiting between 0.1x In and In
• Battery charging and low-voltage supply from 11.5 to 29 volts @ 100 Ampere
• LED displays for alarm and DC OK / charging function
• Serial- and parallel operation of up to four GL10024P
• Intelligent 3-stage temperature compensated battery charging
• Efficiency > 92%
• Operating temperature range -20 to +60 °C (derating)

The DSL-electronic GmbH is expanding its range of primary switched battery charger / power supply units of the GL series to another innovative high-performance system. The GL10024P was designed specifically for high power reserves in the low-voltage supply at switchgear and battery charge. The voltage range can be adjusted from 11.5 volts to 29 volts at 100 amps output current. This allows 12 or 24 volt switchgear supply and simultaneously charge lead based batteries up to a capacity of 1000 Ah. Another highlight besides the intelligent 3-stage charging technique is the battery status check. All relevant parameters can be visualized and parameterized locally or remotely via the Intranet / Internet.

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