Voltage - Frequency - Asymm. Load Monitors

Battery Undervoltage Monitor BUW524

Continuous measurement and display of voltage
Customer-friendly menu for setting the parameters
Storing the parameters in the internal memory
Adjustable under-voltage, hysteresis and switching delay
Display for circuit below the set threshold
Display of relay operation after the expiry of the delay time
Simultaneous display of under voltage
Potential-free change-over contacts 5A / 250V
Narrow 26mm DIN-Rail Housing

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BUW524 10 - 33 VAC


Battery Undervoltage Monitor BUW112, BUW124 (discontinued)

Large setting range 10 - 14V / 20 - 28V
Precision < 1%
LED display after voltage falls below threshold
Drop-off time delay adjustable from 0.5 - 100 sec
Two-way output contact

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BUW112 4-wire N 231V 50Hz +/-20%
BUW124 4-wire N 231V 50Hz +/-4%

Trigger unit for battery undervoltage protection, especially for monitoring the starter battery for diesel-driven generators. In the output, the unit has a two-way contact switched as a normally open contact.

Digital Frequency Monitor DFW100

Two-stage frequency monitor with LCD digital display
Threshold adjustable from 40 - 70Hz
0.05% precision of the frequency display
Updating of frequency measurement every 20ms
Switching delay adjustable from 10ms - 60 Sec
Modern system, menu-driven and saved in EEPROM
Output two-way contacts

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DFW100 231V 50Hz

This unit is used for monitoring the frequency of an AC mains network, especially in free-running off-mains networks, combined heat and power stations and emergency power supplies. As the DFW100 records the connected frequency with high precision ( better than 0.05% ), the unit is also suitable for monitoring the mains frequency in interconnected networks. The frequency monitor has an easy-to-use menu interface with an LCD display. The settings can be reprogrammed by the user during operation of the unit.

Asymmetrical Load Monitoring Unit SLW150

3-phase load current recording
Differential current evaluation in percent
Trigger range 5 - 15% of the instantaneous average value
Switching delay ~0,2 - 5 sec
LED displays for exceeding and triggering
Two-way output contacts
Auxiliary voltage 231VAC or 24VDC

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SLW150 3-phases with 5A (IR) each

The unit is usually used for motor / generator protection in 3- or 4-wire AC mains networks. It records the current of each individual wire and compares them with the average value for all three phases. In the case of undershooting or overshooting of a phase in comparison with the deviation in % set ( 5-50% ), the internal time circuit is triggered on completion of which the relay switches through.

Rapid Voltage Monitor ASW500, ASW503

Two-stage 3/4-wire phase voltage monitoring
Short release time < 50ms after undershoot or overshoot
< 1% precision of switching points
Auxiliary voltage supply from measuring voltage
Separate adjustment for undervoltage and overvoltage
Two-way output contacts

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ASW500 4-conductor N 231V 50Hz
ASW503 3-conductor 400V 50Hz

Trigger unit for undervoltage and overvoltage protection in 3- or 4-conductor AC mains networks.Each phase is recorded individually and causes the two-way output contacts to be triggered in the case of undershooting or overshooting of the setpoint value. The switching state is displayed via LED`s. Special evaluation circuitry allows rapids recording of values while suppressing interference to a high degree. The undervoltage relay is switched as a normally open contact and the overvoltage relay is switched as a normally closed contact.

Threshold Time Relay GWZ100, GAZ100, GWG100, GWG200 (discontinued)

Input signal 0 - 20mA
Threshold continuously adjustable from 0 - 100%
LED display for exceeding of threshold
Switching delay adjustable from 0.1 - 3 sec
Two-way output contact
Auxiliary voltage supply 231V

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GWZ100 Pick-up current delay 0-20mA
GWG100 Threshold indicator 0-20mA (GER)
GWG100 Grenzwertgeber 0-20mA (GER)
GWG200 like GWG100 for ext. setting (GER)

Trigger unit for 20mA applications in 55mm standard housing. Available for pick-up current delay and drop-off time delay of the output relay contacts. The scaling of the adjuster for the threshold ( 0-20mA) can be read off in %. Under the designation of GWG..., the unit is offered as a threshold indicator with a continuously adjustable 0-20 mA signal as an output.