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New Primary Switched Battery Charging and Power Supply Unit GL4024P 7.01.2022
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• Compact design for DIN rail mounting
• Battery charging and low voltage supply
• Output voltage on the front adjustable
• DC On (Power Ready) Contact
• LEDs for DC On and DC Low
• Parallel operation for current output up to 54 Ampere
• Hiccup mode for overload behavior
• Efficiency factor 92%
• Operating temperature range -25 to +71 degree Celsius

The DSL-electronic GmbH is expanding their range of primary switched battery charger and power supplies. The GL2024P is designed for high temperature differences environments. The extended operating temperature range in conjunction with the high efficiency ensure a reliable electrical supply of cabinets and batteries. By simply connecting two devices in parallel, the output current can be increased to 75 Ampere. While standard supplies will collapse at ambient temperatures above 50 degree Celsius, the GL4024P maintains its 100% value up to 61 degree Celsius. The integrated Hiccup overload behavior in the GL4024P ensures safety for protection of cables or loads.

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